The adventurous spirit of the Mercedes G-Class receivers would want to keep Naar overzicht

To promote the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, regarded as the best off-road vehicle in its class, an engaging

giveaway to both existing and prospective customers was required. It had to celebrate the adventurous

spirit of the G-Class and be something that the receivers would want to keep.

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While the G-Class might be impervious to everything that nature could throw at it, the same was not

true of its drivers.

In case they should experience a hostile encounter with a remote tribe, while out and about in their

G-Class, the Tribal Rapport Field Guide was written to help them manage the trickiest situations.


The 115-page leather bound book featured 12 international illustrators who brought to life 12 tribes from

around the world with unique art expressions.

The likes and dislikes of each tribe was described and Mercedes even went so far as to identify and

supply the perfect gift to ensure the driver a warm welcome, wherever he ended up.

For example, for the Yaohnanen tribe of Vanuatu, who worship Prince Phillip, would appreciate the

life-size die-cut poster of the Prince, which was supplied in the Guide.

To ensure a safe passage, wherever they went, all G-Class drivers needed to do was identify the tribe,

tear out the corresponding gift and offer it to the leader of the tribe.


Specific financial results have not been released.

The campaign won Gold for ‘Promotional Mail’ at The Loerie Awards in South Africa, two Golds at the

Cristal Festival (France), Silver at the Clios and was shortlisted at Cannes.

Field Guide 2


This was also a print campaign as well as a book and a mailing and the craft skills throughout are of the

highest order.

Why oh why do some marketers think of mail as a ‘cheap’ medium? Mail is tactile. You can tell in a

nano-second if a piece is respectful of you as a recipient, or indifferent. Brands communicate more

clearly in how they say something than it what they actually say.

The illustrations are exquisite, the paper stock is the best. What the mailing says in itself is ‘We know

you are a Mercedes driver, not a Daihatsu owner.”

If this helped drive consideration and led to just four sales, the ROI would still be impressive.


Agency: Impact BBDO Dubai

Client: Mercedes-Benz

Product: G-Class

Title: The Tribal Rapport Field Guide

Country: UAE



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