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In Africa, daily temperatures can reach 40° C and stay there.

Land Rovers can easily withstand these conditions but their owners can’t.



To strengthen the relationship that Land Rover has with its customers and to promote the spirit

of adventure, which is at the core of the brand, they were mailed a cap which both offered protection

from the sun and a water filter.

A special mesh lining meant that water scooped up by the cap flowed through to the drinking nozzle,

but preventing particles and dirt from passing through.


Over 500 caps were distributed. The cap has had 83% more brand recall than traditional

promotional merchandise, helping to keep Land Rover as the most desired 4×4 in South Africa.

The cap also won a Pencil at D&AD, a Bronze at the Loerie Awards and a merit Award at The One Show.




Direct marketing has long known the value of a ‘free gift’. Psychologists say that the subconscious

response to receiving a present is to want to please in return. The only problem is, nine out of ten ‘free

gifts’ are so worthless as to be meaningless.

The bottle cap, by contrast, is completely relevant to you if you’re a Land Rover owner and you live in

hot parts. It flatters you by suggesting you are a rugged adventurer; and charms you by coming with no

wheedling notes about test drives and finance deals.

It doesn’t take much to get your customers to become brand devotees. It just takes a bit of thought and

a tiny bit of investment.

They will never be able to measure it but this cap will end up worth millions of rand in sales as Land

Rover owners trade in an old one for a new one.


Land Rover

Agency: Y&R Cape Town

Product: Hat

Bottle Cap

South Africa

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