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The task was to launch Royal Mail’s new Tracked service to 80 high volume customers, each worth about £1 million.

The new service increased the weight of items that could now be sent and monitored in transit from 5kg to 15kg.

The problem was, businesses had simply never thought of Royal Mail as potential carriers of heavier packages.

The objectives, therefore, were both to raise awareness of this new higher weight limit and to start conversations with customers that would lead to sales later in the year.


This mailing shattered any perception there had been of Royal Mail only being good for lighter items.

The envelope was made of iron with the name and address of each recipient etched onto it. Each of the 80 letters was written with the help of the sales team so that it was both personalised and as relevant to the recipient’s business as possible.

As a further demonstration of the new service, each of the iron envelopes was delivered using Royal Mail’s tracked service, so that each named recipient, or his secretary, had to sign upon receipt of the mailing.


To date  opportunities amounting to some £10 million are in the pipeline.


Do you remember Royal Mail’s ‘Chocolate Letter’? It won a Silver at Cannes a year ago, I think. 6,000 were mailed out and 13,000 marketers claimed to have received it. And, while Royal Mail don’t want to publish the true results, it added around £3 million to their bottom line.

This will do much the same, beefing up both perceptions of Royal Mail as a brand and driving sales of the new product. It is true I’ve seen a similar idea – a bank mailed out a metal envelope to sell its new titanium card – but the idea here is different. It is to be deliberately weighty. I keep going on about how an interesting letter brings a moment of theatre to an office or a home and this would have done just that.

The real hero here was the client who must have gulped at the per-unit costs but who did not baulk from them.

Client: Royal Mail

Product: Royal Mail Tracked

Title: Iron Envelope

Media: Direct Mail

Country: UK

Date: March – May 2010

Agency: Proximity London

Creative Team

Creative Director: Duncan Gray

Copywriter: Marcus Iles

Art Directors: Jo Jenkins

Production Team

Head of Production: Chris Chadwick

Production Manager: Becky Crilley

Nirvana Creative Production

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